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Red Broomrape(Le) Katnael(Wf) Wolwekos Skilpadblom Cat's Claws
(h)us, (h)uos-, = a swine, pig, boar or sow; agchone, = throttleing, strangling, hanging; a rope for hanging, halter. ancho, = strangle; hence ‘–anche’, as ending of names of poisonous plants. (a term used for plant parasites that eventually kill their hosts)
(LS, BL, Le)
Hyobanche sanguinea (La)
Katnaels(PS) Rooipop(Wf) Snail-flower Common Cat's Claws
Location: (F, K)
sanguis, = blood; -ineus, =indicates material or colour or close resemblance. sanguineus, = of blood, consisting of blood, bloody, blood-. (blood-red)
(ld, BL)