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Anemone(Le) Windflower (Wf)
anemos, = wind; -one, = implying the feminine of a patronymic name - that of her father. anemone, = the wind flower, literally 'daughter of the wind'. (see Anemone,** and Anemos**) (either because anemones grow in windy places or open under the influence of wind, or because the petals blow away in the wind)
(LS, Ox, Le)
Anemone cordata (La)
Kaatjiedrieblaar (Vo)
Location: (F)
cor, cordis = the heart; -atus, = indicates possession or likeness. (cordate; with two equal rounded lobes at the base)
(ld, BL)
Anemone knowltonia [Was Knowltonia capensis]
Location: (K)
For Thomas Knowlton (1691-1781).**
Anemone tenuifolia (La)
Cape Anemone(Wf) Syblom(PS) Veldanemoon
Location: (F, K)
tenuis, = thin, slight, slender, slim, meagre, lean; simple, plain, unadorned; (thin, fine, slender) folium, = a leaf.
(ld, BL)
Anemone vesicatoria (Was Knowltonia viscatoria) (La)
Brandblaar(PS) Katjiedrieblaar Tandpynblare
Location: (F, P)
vesica, = a bladder, a bladder-like tumor, blister; -orius, = indicates capability, action or function.
(ld, BL)