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epi-, = upon, over, on top of, added to; schoinos, = a rush; a sharp, tough rush or reed, used as an arrow; also as a spit. (epi-, here meaning ‘akin to’ the rush genus SCHOENUS)
(BL, LS, Le)
Epischoenus complanatus (La)

Location: (K)
com, = with, together with; planus, = even, level, flat, plane; complano, = to make even, level or plain; to make even with the ground. (on the same plane, flush with) -atus, = indicates possession or likeness. (flattened out; usually in one plane)
(ld, BL)

The 2515 species, 624 genera and 172 families of plants have been compiled from the lists of the plants:

  • of the Hermanus Botanical Society compiled by Lee Burman, for the plants in the Fernkloof Nature Reserve, and the Vogelgat Private Nature Reserve, Hermanus
  • of Mark Johns, Director of the Kogelberg Reserve, and of COASTEC, environmental consultants, for the plants in the Kogelberg Nature Reserve, Betty’s Bay, in the WesternCape Province, South Africa.

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