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The son of Aeson, native of Iolcos, brought up on Pilion by the Centaur Chiron, who taught him medicine. Meanwhile at Iolcos Aeson, to whom power legally belonged, had been deposed by his half-brother Pelias. When Jason reached manhood he returned to Iolcos strangely dressed in a tiger skin with a lance in each hand, and no shoe on his left foot, to claim the power which was his by right. Pelias was alarmed because an oracle had told him to 'mistrust a man who had only one shoe'. Pelias ordered Jason to bring him the fleece of the ram which had carried Phrixu through the air: this was the golden fleece consecrated by Aeetes, king of Colchis, to Ares, and guarded by a dragon. (see also 'Medea of Colchis')
Hester Joubert (later Mrs. Reitz) (c.1805-?), considered as the first South African-born woman plant collector. She collected mainly in the Bredasdorp district. Her brother, the advocate Joshua Andries Joubert, had an estate at the foot of Table Mountain a part of which was used by C.F. Ecklon to grow plants. Hermannia joubertiana, Aspalathus joubertiana and Agathosma joubertiana were all named for her. (Gunn & Codd; JSTOR)