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  Ecklonea,   Ecklonea,   Eckloneus,   Eckloniana,   Ecklonianum,   Ecklonianus,   Ecklonii,   Ecklonis
Christian Friedrich Ecklon (1795-1868), a Danish pharmacist, botanist and plant collector, and one of the early botanical explorers of the Cape. He moved to South Africa in 1823 as first an apothecary's apprentice and then pharmacist and collected plants from 1823 to 1833, returning to Europe in 1828 with vast amounts of collected material which were distributed to German and Danish botanists. During part of this time he worked with Karl Ludwig Philipp Zeyher with whom he published a catalogue of South African plants (1835-7). From 1833 to 1838 he was in Hamburg working on revising his collection, later returning to South Africa where he eventually died. (CRC World Dictionary of Plant Names)
The genus Edmondia in the Asteraceae was first described in 1818 by French botanist and naturalist Alexandre Henri Gabriel de Cassini in Bulletin des Sciences, par la Sociéte Philomatique, and then the following year in an article in Dictionnaire des Sciences Naturelles (14:252) but in neither source was his epithet explained. W.P.U. Jackson says "Probably after James W. Edmond, died 1815. Scottish botanist." This would seem to fit with the publication date if indeed this is when he died, but a website of the Royal Botanic Gardens and Domain Trust says that Edmond died in 1875, and a communication I have had with Henry Noltie at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh confirms that James Williamson Edmond died in Inveresk, Scotland, in 1875, so he could not have been the one so honored because he would have been very young in 1818. Mr. Noltie raised the intriguing possibility that the Edmond in question might have been a French botanist. The specimens Cassini based his description on are apparently at the Museum d’Histoire Naturelle in Paris and I am in the process of making inquiries of them to see if they can tell me anything.
Jakob Friedrich Ehrhart (1742-1795), Swiss-born German botanist, naturalist and pupil of Linnaeus at Uppsala University and friend of his son, also Director of the Botanical Garden of Hannover. Important collections of this outstanding German botanist are kept at the Herbarium of Moscow University. (CRC World Dictionary of Plant Names)
  Esterhuysenia,   Esterhuyseniae
Elizabeth (‘Elsie’) Esterhuysen, (1912-2006), ‘the most outstanding collector ever of South African flora.’ (Prof. Karel Bremer); she amassed 36,000 herbarium collections, many high-altitude species, and was a botanist at the Bolus Herbarium, the oldest functioning herbarium in South Africa established in 1856. In addition to the specific epithets elsiae and elsieae named for her, the epithet esterhuyseniae is on taxa in Bulbine, Aridaria, Delosperma, Erepsia, Gibbaeum, Lampranthus and Ruschia. The genus Esterhuysenia in the Aizoaceae was published for her in 1967 by South African botanist Harriet Margaret Louisa Bolus. (Hugh Clarke, pers. comm.; CRC World Dictionary of Plant Names; Etymological Dictionary of Succulent Plant Names)
Ethel Bolus (1866-1890), daughter of Harry Bolus, who was the discoverer of the species Bartholina etheliae. (Hugh Clarke, pers. comm.)