Species within a genus

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Boneseed (Wf) Bitou (Le)
osteon, = a bone; sperma, = that which is sown, seed. (hard achenes)
(LS, Le)
Osteospermum ciliatum (La)

Location: (K)
cilium, = an eyelid; cilium, = delicate hairs resembling eyelashes, especially such as form a fringe to the margins of leaves; -atus, = indicates possession or likeness. (fringed or surrounded with hairs or fine bristles)
(ld, Ox, BL)
Osteospermum ilicifolia [Was Nephrotheca ilicifolia] (La)
Rough Daisy(Vo) Steekbossie(Wf) Holly-leaved Kidneyseed
Location: (F, K)
ilex, = a kind of oak, the holm oak or great scarlet oak. (Latin name for “Holm Oak”, the leaves of which are somewhat similar). folium, = a leaf.
(ld, Le)
Osteospermum imbricatum subsp. imbricatum (La)

Location: (K)
imber, = rain, shower of rain; imbrex, = a hollow tile, gutter tile, pantile (used in roofs for the purpose of leading off the rain); -atus, = indicates possession or likeness. imbricatim, = in the form of a gutter-tile. (when parts lie over each other in regular order, like tiles upon the roof of a house) (referring to the bracts and sepals)
(ld, BL)
Osteospermum junceum (La)

Location: (F, K)
jungo, = to join or unite together, connect, attach, fasten, yoke, harness; juncus, = a twig resembling a rush; -eus, =indicates material or colour resemblance in quality. junceus, = made of rushes, rush-; like a rush.
(ld, BL)
Osteospermum moniliferum subsp. moniliferum (La)
Bietou(PS) Boneseed(Wf) Brotherberry Common Tickberry
Location: (F, K)
monile, = a necklace, a collar; monilia, = jewels; fero, ferre, = to bear, carry, bring.
Osteospermum monstrosum [WAS Tripteris clandestina] (La)
Location: (F)
monstrum, = a devine omen indicating misfortune, an evil omen, portent; a monster, monstrosity; -osus, = indicates abundance or full or marked development. monstrosus, = strange, preternatural, monstrous. (monstrous abnormal, teretological)
(ld, BL)
Osteospermum polygaloides latifolium (La)
Broomstick Boneseed(Wf)
Location: (K)
POLYGALA, (q.v.); -oides, = like, resembling, having the form or nature of. latus, lati-, = broad, wide; (broad, wide) folium, = a leaf. (broad-leaved)
(BL, ld)
Osteospermum polygaloides var. polygaloides (La)
Broomstick Boneseed (Wf)
Location: (F, K)
POLYGALA, (q.v.); -oides, = like, resembling, having the form or nature of.
Osteospermum rotundifolium (La)
Yellow Daisy (Vo)
Location: (F, K)
rotundus, = wheel-shaped, i.e. round, circular, spherical, rotund; (almost circular, with length to breadth almost 6 to 5) folium, = a leaf.
(ld, BL)
Osteospermum tomentosum (La)

Location: (F)
tomentum, = a stuffing for cushions (e.g. of wool, hair, feathers, straw, etc.) (tomentose, matted woolly down on stems and leaves) -osus, = indicates abundance or full or marked development. (tomentose; thickly and evenly covered with short more or less appressed curled or curved matted hairs)
(ld, BL)