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Cape Gorse (Wf)
aspalathos, = a scented shrub. (What plant is referred to in the early quotations is not certainly known. Johnson gives as his first definition, ‘A plant called the rose of Jerusalem or our lady’s rose.’)
(LS, Ox)
Aspalathus cymbiformis (G)

Location: (K)
cymbe, = a hollow vessel; a drinking vessel, cup, bowl, boat; forma, = form, contour, figure, shape. (boat-shaped: having the figure of a boat in miniature; that is to say, concave, tapering to each end, with a keel externally)
(LS, Ws, BL)

The 2516 species, 625 genera and 172 families of plants have been compiled from the lists of the plants:

  • of the Hermanus Botanical Society compiled by Lee Burman, for the plants in the Fernkloof Nature Reserve, and the Vogelgat Private Nature Reserve, Hermanus
  • of Mark Johns, Director of the Kogelberg Reserve, and of COASTEC, environmental consultants, for the plants in the Kogelberg Nature Reserve, Betty’s Bay, in the WesternCape Province, South Africa.

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